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Top 10 Financial Security Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

In an industry dealing with sensitive personal and financial information, security is paramount for financial institutions (FIs). As modern consumers interact with their money in diverse ways, from online access to electronic transactions, there are numerous vulnerabilities that exist regardless of how much time and energy is put forth to prevent cyberattacks in the finance space. FIs need to strengthen their existing security posture with the increasingly brazen cyber attacks from individual criminals, nation states, and even terrorist organizations. To enhance security, the FIs must not only invest in technical measures but also share knowledge and best practices with each other, be proactive about educating employees regarding their responsibilities and the importance of following protocols, and reach out to the public to help them understand their role in securing their personal data. Moreover, most FIs today are incorporating emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, big data, cloud computing, and others to secure their businesses, remain competitive, and achieve favorable outcomes. However, the FIs, at times, lack in expertise to implement and manage such technologies. They require expert consultants to remove the worries of implementing technology, so they can focus on their business operations.

The financial security consultants can help FIs in implementing these technologies, where blockchain can remove the gatekeepers and third parties in the loans and credit system and eliminate manual data reconciliation for bank ledgers while cloud computing can secure online payments and transfers. With their deep financial services experience and broad knowledge of technology implementation, the financial security consultants and service providers can resolve any issue, ranging from risk and audit to financial compliance and regulations.  The financial security service specialists play an instrumental role in enabling a company to achieve cost savings and improve service delivery. With hands-on experience, advanced skills, and deep relationships with diverse companies, these service providers accelerate the pace of detecting potential threats and stop them before they strike.

With various financial security services, such as governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC), security architecture consulting, and application security, the financial security service providers can create the right level of security that balances high-stake business requirements of the FIs. A host of new-age financial security service providers employ not only experts who have a strong understanding of the intricacies involved in the security of highly confidential information but also have strong knowledge of the best practices to work around the predicaments. They follow standard operating procedures and carry out due diligence to ensure the implemented technologies meet the necessary compliance and lead to secured business operations. They also focus on continuous training and education on the rising security threats and the need of technologies to remove any sort of vulnerability related to financial data breaches.

To help CIOs navigate the financial security consulting and service provider expanse, CFO Tech Outlook has narrowed the top 10 firms that exhibit competence in delivering efficient services and consultations. 

We present to you CFO Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Financial Security Consulting/Services Companies 2019.”

    Top Financial Security Consulting Companies

  • Global International Management, LLC strives to increase the quality of auditors and accountants within the Dutch Caribbean and South America. To achieve their objectives, the company provides innovative services like to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of accountants in audit and business for them to focus on value-added services while eliminating routine tasks. Global International Management LLC is an AICPA promoter, advocating and leveraging the AICPA technological tools, utilities, learning materials and resources within regions outside the US. The organization is also helping companies, and accountants in the remote areas grow by leveraging the international strength of their profession

  • 3i International

    3i International

    The guiding principles of 3i International are to help businesses of all sizes, maximize the productivity and efficiency of their technology investments through the application of reliable, high-quality, seasoned technical expertise that is the bedrock of the company. They believe that every business can be empowered to reach the highest potential when computing and document management infrastructure grows in step with the company and its people. 3i International is focused on helping the customers thrive financially through business strategy and solutions that complement the existing support structure and fuel growth

  • Burwood Group

    Burwood Group

    At Burwood Group, they harness the influence of automation and orchestration to turn IT ideals a reality. For 22 years, they have been enabling their clients to design, utilize, and manage technology to transform their business and outcomes. Their technical depth resides in voice, network, wireless, data center, and security infrastructure technologies. Currently, they have combined their foundational knowledge with new expertise in cloud migration, DevOps, network automation, and more. Their consultants identify organizational priorities and leverage existing investments to design technology systems that propel the IT environment as well as the enterprise into the future

  • Bytes of Knowledge

    Bytes of Knowledge

    Bytes of Knowledge delivers award-winning solutions that leverage technology for all kinds of businesses. Their experience helps their teams to leverage the computer network to support their entire business wisely. They present a well-planned, well-executed technology strategy can catapult the client’s business and the organization to a higher level by enabling better decisions and faster while creating a powerful impact. The company provides a highly experienced network engineers and strategists, which gives comprehensive support, planning, and expertise to the most critical business tools. They ensure that projects are completed on time, on budget, and with results that delight

  • Cerdant


    At Cerdant, they offer network security solutions that are easy and affordable. They provide best-in-class cyber-crime-fighting tools and network monitoring solutions. No matter how many users are present, Cerdant’s managed security solution manages the burden of handling everything on its own. As an experienced network security service provider, they give a peace of mind that comes with world-class threat monitoring and response at a price below the competition. Cerdant’s team of highly trained network security engineers remains at the client’s disposal to help them fight fraud and cyber-attacks with high-efficiency and a powerful array of tools and services

  • Corserva


    Corserva is one of the providers of IT services, such as managed IT services, IT lifecycle management, managed security, IT assessments, and business continuity. The company mainly focuses on long-term relationships that deliver reduced cost, innovative new business solutions, and competitive advantage for the clients. They also support the clients'​IT needs, which include remote IT monitoring, private clouds, and backup & disaster recovery. Corserva's engineers' design new advanced network, security, storage, and virtualization solutions in some of the most complex environments in the world. The company's connection with the prominent IT product vendors assists them to objectively identify the right technologies required to address specific business issues and opportunities

  • CyberSecOp


    Based on time-tested best practices as well as real-world experience, CyberSecOP's holistic approach reflects the interrelated nature of today's businesses. The company's security specialist can help their clients better prevent, plan for, and respond to threats by looking at their security challenges from several vantage points. CyberSecOP provides Information Security Strategy & Design to give their client better security protection with Information Security Assessments, Virtual CISO, and Data Governance. According to the company, an integrated security framework provides for stronger, more cohesive protection to mitigate threats to your organization

  • Stratum Security

    Stratum Security

    Founded in 2005, Stratum Security is an information security consulting company that focuses on providing clear and concise risk guidance to its clients through high-quality assessment services. Backed by extensive experience in security, IT, and software development, the Stratum Security team solves severe problems spanning many areas of security, including application security, mobile security, penetration testing, data exfiltration analysis, among others. The company offers the industry’s first data exfiltration tool, XFIL, which simulates how hackers transmit data from an organization’s network and provide valuable insight into an organization’s ability to detect an actual breach

  • TBG Security

    TBG Security

    With over 15 years of experience, TBG provides a portfolio of solutions including security, compliance, and continuity solutions. The company helps professionals and executives in industries including health care, banking, financial and insurance services, retail and consumer goods, business, and technology services. TBG Security provides risk management solutions to ensure that the customer's business is minimizing uncertainty in an increasingly hostile information environment. Acting as trusted advisors, the company helps its clients plan, implement, and monitor successful cybersecurity programs that align with business objectives

  • Vala Secure

    Vala Secure

    Founded in 1981, Vala Secure guides clients toward information safety and peace of mind. The Vala Secure team serves as both certified ethical hackers and compliance specialists for their clients to mitigate risk across their organization. The company's solutions include identifying, monitoring, managing, and reducing risk. Vala Secure also offers various solutions such as technology audit, cybersecurity testing, and virtual advisory. The company believes to be focused at the intersection of creating a profitable high-performance company while also having a larger purpose for why they work