Desto: Architects of the New World of Finance

Desto: Architects of the New World of Finance

CIO VendorSamuel Law, Lead Creative Strategist
Blockchain emerged as a revolutionary technology with the potential to reform the finance industry as known to the world. Although blockchain exhibits immense potential, industries are yet to find a lucrative edge on other applications of blockchain apart from the cryptocurrency limiting the benefits to merely investors and speculators. Moreover, entities embarking on the cryptocurrency journey are often faced with issues concerning slow transfer and strict government regulations, which further intensifies this challenge. Samuel Law, Lead Creative Strategist of Desto Blockchain quotes his mentor, “The key element is the application. You can have one of the greatest technologies in the world, however, without a use case it amounts to nothing.” This constitutes the core adversity of the blockchain industry that Desto aims to eliminate.

As a mobile blockchain fintech, Desto enables the banked and unbanked to transition into a crypto lifestyle, resulting in a balanced personal and economic well-being. Targeting the primary challenges of modern banking, Desto developed the DEO protocol that enhances the speed of transaction through blockchain. Through DEO, the company has reinforced the adoption of mobile wallets among the consumers and enterprises, enabling transactions to be carried out in an instant. Additionally, the DEO protocol also powers Desto’s services, which include payment of cryptocurrency and fiat exchange, online trading, ICO listing exchange, and crypto reserve.

The core solutions offered by Desto are categorized under four main products and service applications that encompass DESTO CX, DESTO PAY, DESTO RESERVE and DESTO VENTURES. The DESTO CX stands for Desto crypto exchange, which was developed by Desto’s experienced team based out of Poland. Through DESTO CX, the company builds bridge finances and credits them to institutions such as banks and hedge funds.

The key element is the application. You can have one of the greatest technologies in the world, however, without a use case it amounts to nothing

The DESTO PAY application is the biggest pie for Desto Blockchain serving as a payment gateway for financial entities, insurance, retail-based organizations, and merchants. The app has the additional Merchant Act feature that allows the merchants to promote themselves through advertisements that are configurable to their terms. The third major product of Desto comes under the name DESTO RESERVE. Users from around the world can use DESTO RESERVE to simply save and invest their cryptocurrency. Through DESTO VENTURES, the company plans to bring the Desto blockchain to the governments of Southeast Asia, influencing the financial spectrum of the region through its blockchain expertise.

Catering primarily to the Southeast Asian market, the Desto blockchain majorly targets the government entities in the region. Samuel quotes a statistic from a KPMG article citing that more than 70 percent of the Southeast Asian population still remains unbanked. The vast unchartered population is yet to witness the immense potential of blockchain in action. With regards to offering the best-in-class blockchain expertise to the government, the company brings a unique factor of offering its services for free to the government. “This is unheard of and to say a very unorthodox approach in the entire industry,” adds Law. The team at Desto shares a common belief of contributing toward the economic well being of people with its blockchain solutions while combating corruption at the core.

With a futuristic vision for the company’s roadmap ahead, Law says, “Desto CX is where we will focus a lot on attaining regulation.” The company plans to conduct a dialogue with the local authorities in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia to acquire licenses and embark on cross-border joint ventures with their governments. “I foresee that one-day crypto exchange will be a norm. Regulated by some of the big regulators in space, crypto-exchange will definitely be at the top in one to two years,” concludes Law.